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Simpsons Live!

Watch the Simpsons opening -- but NOT animated! This clip uses real actors!

Average: 4.2 (28 votes)

Lay Off My Bone!

Funniest dog video ever! This dumb pooch thinks his own leg is trying to steal his bone! And what's up with that sneaky leg, anyway?

Average: 4.1 (34 votes)

Escalator Oops

Perverse, funny 'toon with an escalator, a boy scout, an old lady, a dog, and a whole lot of blood!

Average: 4.1 (28 votes)

Her Huge Tongue

It just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Average: 4.1 (37 votes)

Paper Fight

Clever but weird video that's hard to describe. Just watch it!

Average: 4.2 (32 votes)

Soap in Microwave

Watch what happens when a bar of Ivory Soap gets microwaved. It's amazing!

Average: 4.2 (40 votes)

Crazy Sheep

This crazy sheep battles a swingset! Weird and funny!

Average: 4.1 (33 votes)

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