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Vagina View

Here's a unique view of a chick's daily life: from her vagina! Watch her pee, undress, shave her private area, bathe, insert a tampon, exercise, dance, have sex, and more -- all from a VERY unusual angle! (This is actually a very risque TV ad for a feminine hygeine product called Lactacyd.)

Average: 3.8 (44 votes)

She Pees Funny

This blonde bombshell has figured out a way to pee that will drive any man away. (This is a commercial for a real product that changes the way women pee!)

Average: 4.5 (8 votes)

Thirsty Orangutan

This gross orangutan pees into its own mouth!

Average: 4.2 (34 votes)

Pee Out Loud!

Hilarious fake commercial for a drug to help you "Make 'em proud. Pee out loud!"

Average: 4.2 (40 votes)

Wet Dog Overreaction

Cute little pug dog pees on a dude, who way overreacts.

Average: 4.2 (22 votes)

Trix are for Kids

Here's a crazy parody of those silly cereal commercials we all watched as kids. Watch out: it's kind of violent, and it gets kinky at the end...

Average: 4.2 (31 votes)

Pee Mishap

When you're on a business call and you have to pee, bringing the phone with you into the bathroom is a very bad idea. Watch this and see why!

Average: 4.2 (40 votes)

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