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Girls Dance to Daft Punk

These scantily-clad drunk girls really love Daft Punk. Their dancing seems kind of goofy to me, but most guys seem to enjoy watching.

Average: 3 (11 votes)

Idiot Love Song

Don't try to sing a love song in Spanish to a beautiful woman if you've only taken one semester of the language!

Average: 4.2 (32 votes)

The Titty Song

This dude creates a freakin' retarded music video ... but it's funny and filled with boobs!

Average: 4.1 (37 votes)

Michael Jackson Toon

Hilarious clip from a Michael Jackson parody cartoon. Short and sharp!

Average: 4.2 (30 votes)

Mosh Prank

Quiet dude on busy street suddenly starts "dancing" wildly. Watch the reactions of all the people around him!

Average: 3.9 (16 votes)

Animals Getting Busy

Funny Blaupunkt commercial with some animals getting busy!

Average: 4.3 (29 votes)

SUV Ribbons

Brilliant song and sketch about those yellow ribbons on SUVs. To the tune of that old "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" song

Average: 4.2 (40 votes)

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