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Batman Gun

How do you spell that? hyalgan Egypt's army-installed interior minister, Mohamed Ibrahim, said month-old Cairo vigils by Mr Morsi supporters would be "brought to an end, soon and in a legal manner," state-run al Ahram news website reported.
sargramostim pronunciation Thiel Capital is leading a $20 million investment round inZestFinance, joined by Northgate Capital and existing investorsLightspeed Venture Partners, Matrix Partners, Kensington CapitalHoldings, and Eastward Capital Partners. Thiel Capital will takea board observer seat; its founder co-founded Ebay's PayPal.
The latest FATCA delay comes a week after the postponement until 2015 of a key part of another complicated law - a sweeping overhaul of the U.S. healthcare insurance system. Both laws were signed by President Barack Obama in March 2010.
CBS went dark on Aug. 2 for an estimated 3.5 million TimeWarner Cable customers in major markets including New York andLos Angeles after the two companies failed to reach an agreementon distribution terms.
life extension multivitamin reviews Brahmi belonged to the secular, Arab nationalist Popular Front party, whose then-leader, Chokri Belaid, was killed in a similar way on February 6. His death ignited the worst violence in Tunisia since President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali fell in 2011.

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A Girl and Her Gun

Watch what happens when this chick tries to shoot a powerful pistol. It's a real kick in the head!

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Trix are for Kids

Here's a crazy parody of those silly cereal commercials we all watched as kids. Watch out: it's kind of violent, and it gets kinky at the end...

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Gun Too Big!

Dude, you think you can handle this powerful rifle? Think again!

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White House Gag

It looks like a regular CNN report about the White House. But things quickly turn ugly ... and funny!

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Angry Iraqi

Fake news report is actually a funny sketch. Find out why the Iraqi is angry!

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Wild Recoil

Watch what happens to the gun when this dude shoots. And watch his reaction.

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