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Three Cute Pugs

These little pug dogs are incredibly cute. Watch how their heads rotate as they try to understand what's being said to them!

Average: 4.2 (30 votes)

Puppy Love

Poor little dog is absolutely in love with Pikachu! I wonder how long they have been dating!

Average: 4.3 (34 votes)

Wet Dog Overreaction

Cute little pug dog pees on a dude, who way overreacts.

Average: 4.2 (22 votes)

Puppy Gets Owned

This cute little puppy is just trying to get a little drink of water...then splash in he goes!

Average: 4.2 (35 votes)

Lay Off My Bone!

Funniest dog video ever! This dumb pooch thinks his own leg is trying to steal his bone! And what's up with that sneaky leg, anyway?

Average: 4.1 (34 votes)

Dog Loves Duck

Let's just say this little dog loves this duck WAY too much. Not that the duck seems to mind...

Average: 4.1 (35 votes)

Ping Pong Skills

You gotta see who's at the other end of the ping pong table!

Average: 4.2 (31 votes)

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