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Nipple Slapper

This hot blonde keeps slapping her own boob in this crazy movie clip. She says her G-Spot is in her left nipple! Then, something really explosive happens. Weird and funny. (Can you guess the movie?)

Average: 3.5 (42 votes)

Sexy Soccer With a Twist

Here's the sexiest soccer match you've ever seen! But watch out, there's a hilarious twist at the end!

Average: 4.2 (37 votes)

Hot Jeannie Parody

A very sexy parody of 'I Dream of Jeannie', but watch out for the surprise ending!

Average: 4.1 (70 votes)

She Loves Her Boobs!

On this Russian talk show, this guest seems obsessed with her own ample bosom. Watch her keep staring at her boobs and adjusting them!

Average: 4 (50 votes)

Mondo Topless

A hot Swedish blonde babe go-go dances as a train passes right by her. This is a goofy clip from the 1966 big-boob classic Russ Meyer film, "Mondo Topless."

Average: 4.5 (19 votes)

Soft Boobs

A soft place to rest his head, that's all he wants. How about his girlfriend's boobs? This funny commercial will show you how that works out...

Average: 4.3 (21 votes)

Fantasy Blonde

What a fantasy! This teenager is in his room when a hot blonde comes in and strips off her top. But there's a hilaroius twist ... you gotta see it!

Average: 4.4 (16 votes)

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