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Funny Parodies

Sexy Soccer With a Twist

Here's the sexiest soccer match you've ever seen! But watch out, there's a hilarious twist at the end!

Average: 4.2 (37 votes)

2001 With Boobs

Watch how Playboy playmate Robin Bain livens up the otherwise boring Stanley Kubrick movie, "2001: A Space Odyssey." Hint: it involves BOOBS!

Average: 4.1 (22 votes)

Paris Hilton Disses John McCain

Paris Hilton gets back at John McCain for using her name and picture in a campaign ad! She made this clever fake ad (really!). It's surprisingly good and funny. Enjoy!

Average: 2.6 (18 votes)

Hot Jeannie Parody

A very sexy parody of 'I Dream of Jeannie', but watch out for the surprise ending!

Average: 4.1 (70 votes)

MTV Spiderman Parody

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jack Black in this hilarious MTV spiderman parody!

Average: 4.2 (38 votes)

IFH Mondays Videos

Hilarious parody on TGI Friday's.

Average: 3.9 (15 votes)

Is Her Butt Obscene?

Is it obscene to show a woman's butt on TV? The FCC fined 'NYPD Blue' $1.4M for doing that. Here's a parody!

Average: 4 (49 votes)

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