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Crazy Prank Videos

Sexy Soccer With a Twist

Here's the sexiest soccer match you've ever seen! But watch out, there's a hilarious twist at the end!

Average: 4.2 (37 votes)

Bare-Ass Girl Cops

Watch the candid reactions to these cheeky lady cops who let it all hang out in back!

Average: 4.3 (45 votes)

Underdressed Waitress

A gorgeous blonde waitress, who's very skimpily dressed, draws hilarious stares from all sorts of folks passing by the outdoor cafe.

Average: 4.4 (57 votes)

Sexy Shower

Dudes play an awesome prank on this chick in the shower.

Average: 3.9 (55 votes)

Upskirt Prank

A blonde sits on a park bench across from unsuspecting guys and exposes herself like Sharon Stone. How would you react? Their expressions are priceless (and the blonde is pretty hot, too!).

Average: 3.8 (19 votes)

Umbrella Babe

Watch this babe fool passing guys by pretending to have a stuck umbrella, then taking her top off to use as a rain-hat.

Average: 4.1 (46 votes)

Mall Thong Gag

In a shopping mall, this babe in the window of a store catches shoppers by surprise with her very skimpy bottoms. And almost as funny as the prank is the strange Italian narration.

Average: 4.6 (13 votes)

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